Health Benefits Of Mask

Mask is a piece of cloth, paper, or plastic worn over the face. It may be a part of a costume enabling one to take on the appearance of an animal, demon, or other character. Masks have been used since ancient times for both their practical and symbolic purposes.

Health benefits of Mask

1. Protects your head from the harmful effects of UV radiations.

The mask can protect our eyes from the harmful effects of UV radiations. It is also helpful in protecting our brains and other body parts. Many people who walk or drive with their uncovered face are at risk of suffering from melanoma.

2. Protect your eyes and mouth from dust and harmful particles, keep you away from infections

It prevents dust entering your nose and mouth . When you use mask in a long time it can protect your eyes from sun light. The masks are manufactured using the material which is safe for human skin so that it does not cause any allergies or rashes on your face.

3. Mask has special design that can keep the body temperature normal

The masks are manufactured using special material which has a high ability of heat absorption and keeping the body temperature normal when we use it in hot summer days. So the mask is very useful to us.

4. Mask can do good to our health by preventing flu and other diseases causing by bacteria

When you use mask,it can help you prevent flue and other illness caused by bacteria. It is because of the mask can avoid yourself coming into contact with an infected person, so as reducing your chance of catching a cold or flu,etc.

Emphasizing on the advantages of using the mask,it can protect our eyes from dust and UV radiations,and prevent dust from entering our nose and mouth. It also helps to keep your temperature normal and prevents flu and other disease causing by bacteria.So it is very useful to us.